Mission Statement

Our primary mission is to deliver state-of-the-art treatment and the highest quality services to patients in a clean, safe, comfortable environment, and to assist their physicians in achieving the best possible medical outcomes.  We treat everyone in a respectful, courteous manner and promote a positive, friendly and professional atmosphere to provide the highest quality, cost-effective

More than 300 associated urologists have teamed with MetroLitho to safely and effectively treat urological illness.

Metropolitan Lithotriptor Associates, PC and its management company, Allied Urological Services, performs more lithotripsy procedures than any other medical organization in the NY Tri-State area, more than 5,000 procedures each year. This substantial volume allows our organization to have access to large amount of clinical data so that we can conduct frequent and thorough analyses in order to make sure that we are providing the highest quality of care in the marketplace. Our Medical Advisory Board, which consists of top-notch urologic surgeons and anesthesiologists from the NY Tri-State area, meets regularly to discuss all pertinent clinical issues related to lithotripsy and the other urological surgical procedures that our organization performs in order to make certain that your clinical experience is the best it can be.